Spellbound By Counseling

Such a pretty afternoon as I was driving away yesterday.
Here's what I saw on our school marquee ... 
it left me singing NO-EL, NO-EL ... and giggling ... 
where's that magic wand when I need it?

We'd been treated to pizza for lunch by our friends at the Gulf Coast Educators' Credit Union. After that yummy treat, I found this sweet note for my 
Smile File

I'd like to say that it was my idea to invite them to partner with us and treat the staff to lunch, but it wasn't. It did, however, give me an idea for next year. Anyway, the goodie bag had cool stuff in it, like a calculator, some post-it notes, a pen, some paper, a chip clip, and that kind note. What a day maker it was to be 
randomly affirmed.

I found some Nice!-brand water on sale at Walgreen's ...

here's what I decided as our slogan for the water bottles:

I wore my magician's hat when I went into Mrs. Boyer's class to give her a break and spend some time with her firsties. I read the book Max's Magic Seeds with them ... check back on Friday for my PPBF review of that sweet story.

I asked them if, like Max's seeds, they thought counselors were magic, and they weren't quite sure. One of them did suggest a spell I should try: 
Hocus, Pocus, Be Nice and Focus.
I like it.

Their written reflections on what my job is 
left me spellbound, for sure.

Have you hugged a school counselor today?

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