A Pain In The Neck

Today I'm excited because I had that long-overdue appointment with a chiropractor yesterday. A year is a long time to be fighting that kink in my neck. And I left there with hope, that one day I'll be realigned and back to normal. Yay!

Here's our SOUPer Bowl of Caring display: 

So exited for this chance to tackle hunger!

I'm drawing teacher names every day to give them a 20-minute break and yesterday found me with Mrs. Millsaps' Kindergarten class. I wore my magician's hat and had a magic wand to talk about ... what else? ... magic! When I asked these five-and-six-year olds if Bucket Filling was magic, one of them answered like this: Well, actually it could be, Mrs. Gruener, because if you have a good kid and a bad kid and you sit that bad kid next to that good kid, then that good kid could help that bad kid be a Bucket Filler and become a good kid like him. 
Now that's what I call pure magic!

For my counseling colleagues, I wrote a little acrostic:

Our week of celebration continues ... I'm thinking about giving a bottle of water on Wednesday (slogan TBD) ... then popcorn on Friday 'cause we're "bursting" with gratitude for our staff ... my intern came up with that one!

Oh, and I've been invited to kick off the summer character conference at the University of San Diego in June. I said yes and I'm squealing with delight! 
Anyone want to meet Kim from Joy In Sixth and me there? Let me know.

What's going on in your corner of the world? 


  1. great things happening down there! For your bottle water--here is an ideas: tape one of those instant lemonade sticks to the bottle and say something like we work together

  2. Happy School Counselor's Week to you!!! We are celebrating next week, which is good because we are getting hit with HEAVY snow right now in Mid-Mo! Enjoy your week and keep changing lives! :)


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