Words On The Wall

The first day back after a week off can be a challenge, but we made it through without incident. I actually went the whole day without noticing 
that I hadn't moved my office clock forward. 
That was weird.

Anyway, I got these things hung up ... they're from Hobby Lobby and they cling on the wall ... so cool!

People can tell a lot about what you value from what surrounds you. What's written on your walls?

Also got this bulletin board up:

Turns out Dr. Seuss had a lot of stuff to say about character,
so I purchased the border and lettering at Michael's over break
and had fun making a 3-D visual display! The kids were curious about the word 'TRRFCC' as they passed by the board because what kind of a word doesn't have vowels? Made for an interesting conversation outside of my door.

Are you on spring break now or are you back to school?

As an aside, my cat seemed kind of disappointed 
that I wasn't there to nap with her yesterday ... meow.

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