Raising Happy, Healthy Children

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Today I'm excited because our friends at Happify have put together this amazing infographic about raising happy, healthy kids. 
Click the graphic to read the whole post:

Don't you love the part about happy toddlers?

This 365 Grateful clip from KarmaTube might inspire you, too. To combat the drudgery of her daily regime and routine that she was experiencing, Hailey Bartholomew decided to practice intentional gratitude for a year by taking pictures of one appreciation a day. Such a feel-good story about how she found herself and her family again once she sharpened the focus on her gratitude lens. So generosity and gratitude generate happiness.

Last week, a reader suggested writing notes of affirmation or inspirational quotes in lipstick on the bathroom mirror for your child(ren) to find. I know that would have tickled me as a kid! Think that's too messy? Try sticky notes. They come in so many assorted colors, shapes and sizes now that you could mix it up and make it fun.

Lunch boxes and sacks are also a great place to inspire.
I've seen messages written on bananas, napkins, water bottles.
These Window Cards from Compendium are perfect for that! 

If you're a teacher, attach them to your students' quality work or hand them out as you catch kids making good character choices. Better yet, encourage your students be secret agents looking for acts of kindness and generosity. Use each window card as a caring citation that your secret agents can give out to let a classmates know that his or her kindness did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

You could also teach this Cool To Be Kind ditty that I wrote:

Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, clap, clap, roll.
Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, clap, clap, roll.
It’s no surprise that it’s cool to be kind;
global warming of the heart, soul and mind.
When we’re respectful,
And we listen with care,
We do our best to live with empathy, y, y, y.
When we’re generous and thoughtful,
And we serve with our whole heart,
We’re the change that the world wants to see!

Switch up the rhythm some and encourage students to write another verse. 
Have fun as their momentum helps you
get rollin' on down the line ... enJOY the ride!

Children learn what they live ... at home and at school ...
what are your secrets to nurturing happy, healthy kids?

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