The Gift of Love

If you logged in yesterday, you'll know that we're counting down as I move toward my 1000th post at the Corner on June 1st.
Yesterday was 5, moving on to 4 ...

And our focus today is living like we're dying
and leaving behind a legacy of love.

I got to see Kevin at Friendswood High School last week; 
he was in first grade when his mom
Jennifer lost her battle with cancer.
I wrote about her {here}.
She was as tenacious as the day was long.
And she fought with ever fiber of her being.
Her little boy is graduating next week. Kevin.
Sweet Kevin.
He gave me a firm handshake and a sly smile.
I told him that the tree we planted in his mom's honor at Westwood was growing strong. And I asked him if he remembers much about her. He told me with an enthusiastic but melancholy grin that he does.
To me, a really sad part of losing young parents is the thought
that their young children might not remember them.

When I was at Jamison, it was a dad who fighting for his life
You know what he told me he was dying for? Just one more day
with his wife, his sixth-grade daughter, and his twin boys.

Have you seen the SoulPancake series My Last Days?

Check out Ryan's story:

I was touched by Ryan's final request ... for love.
Go out and cultivate a sense of love in your community.
Make it your own, just commit to a life of love and connection!

I've also been following the life of Beautiful Sophie on Facebook.
 More love. More heartbreak.

Sophie planned a big celebration for her funeral;
the party is set for tomorrow afternoon.
Her wish? Wear something colorful. No black, please.

I can't help but wonder why sometimes we wait 
until people pass away to tell them how we feel about them.
To show them how we feel about them.
To let others know how we feel about them.
To roast and toast them.
And to make peace.

So today, inspired and moved by these stories of love and loss,
I'm going to intentionally let people in my path
know what they mean to me.
Affirm them.
Smile at them.
Tell them that they matter.
And how they make a difference.
Then I'll thank them ... for their gift of love.


  1. Jut beautiful! I think it is really important to seize the day and try to make a difference--you are doing that with each blog you write. Let's all follow your great example.

  2. I loved when Sophie would write: "I want you to smile from ear to ear, love 'til your heart skips a beat and laugh so hard your tummy aches."

    And the video from Ryan... What a dear sweet man!

    So much to learn from people who have to view life through a different lens...

    Thanks for sharing things that make us think and make us rejoice in the chance for one more day.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. I also LOVED that, Kim, the smile from ear to ear!!! I could picture totally picture it throughout her writing, up until she had to stop.


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