First Grade Here They Come

Saw these adorable Ts on our last morning yesterday;
just had to snap this picture with the character cam.
Sing it with me:
Start spreadin' the news ... they're leaving today ...
they're now official members of ... first grade, first grade!

Yesterday was bittersweet because we're bidding farewell
to four of our special faculty members.
I was in second grade when Mrs. German read her favorite story.
Suffice it to say we both cried.
Check back tomorrow when I review it for my PPBF.

Today we'll have our end-of-the-year luncheon,
maybe more tears. This is an emotional time of the year,
that's for sure. So many lasts ... and a chance to get quiet ...
and savor the summer.

Tonight I'll be tuning in to a #servechat that
Sheila from Pennies of Time is moderating.
It promises to be a riveting discussion on 
how to support and help Veterans.
Won't you join us?

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