You Matter!

Today as I put the finishing touches on my presentation for tomorrow, I'm remembering a back-to-school workshop years ago when we started out by putting our staff members into circle time to give them the experience of a 
Morning Meeting. As I review pictures from that day, I'm reminded how important it is to let each other know: You matter!

Maybe you know them as sensitivity circles?
Whatever their name, just look at how engaged staff members are,
looking at one another in the eyes, listening with intention,
validating each other's story.

In a world that can seem very disconnected to our kids, it's critical now more than ever to find a way to intentionally connect them and let them know that 
if it's important to them, it matters to us.
To check in with them and get an emotional barometer reading.
To share genuine concern and express our love for them.
We owe it to the people at our work place, in our homes, and in our community to let them know that they're important to us,
that their story matters, that they matter, no matter what.

Have you seen the new Whirlpool commercial?
Yep, every act of care counts ... 

I can't wait to share this message at tomorrow's workshop.
How will you spend Columbus Day?

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  1. I love seeing these pictures! I know all will be great tomorrow!


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