Helping Just Makes 'Cents'

Character Counts! Week is just around the corner, so when we heard about this devastating school fire at Post Elementary, a Character Counts! school across the state, jumping in to help just makes 'cents.' That's why we're hosting a coin drive:

I spoke with the counselor, who told me that her office was a total loss. Thirty years gone, just like that. So I packed up a few of our puppets and some other treasures to help her start over. We've also found a donor who has generously offered to pay for shipping so we'll be able to send some of our surplus library books their way. 

If you want to help this school during its recovery, donations can be sent to 
Post Elementary ~ 200 West Sixth Street ~ Post, Texas 79356.

We're also gearing up for our Celebrity Delivery Night partnership with Papa John's and busily making our student-created Box Toppers. 
Look at how super cute this one turned out.

How will you celebrate character next week?

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