Today I'm jazzed because I found this cool canvas at Kirkland's 
when we were shopping before Jacob's concert last night.

I'm jazzed because we see these suggestions in action so much this time of year ... and I can imagine a world in which the effect of these tenets ripples out all year long.

Protect the innocent.
Be kind to everyone and everything.
Be courageous.
Make a difference.
Wear a cape.
Use your superpowers wisely.
Be strong.
Fight for truth and justice.
Defend the weak.

Using our superpowers for good ... 
isn't that the best gift that money can't buy?

Let's launch into the week with a jazzy rendition of 
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree 
courtesy of the Texas A & M Jazz Ensemble.
(Jacob is the third trumpet from the right)

Isn't December a super time of year? EnJOY!

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