sELF Respect & sELF Control

First, a holiday joke.
Why did the elf go to counseling?
To help boost his elf esteem.

Second, the bulletin board that I see when I leave my office
with the first-grade students' creative elf tales.

And in true elf fashion, I have a sneaking suspicion 
that there's a lot of truth to this claim:

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But does the same ring true for your family at school?

This year I'm blessed to be part of a Design Team whose job it is to create awareness, make connections, and enhance communication. Check out these skits we did as a review of our Love & Logic solution options for classroom management. 

In this first clip, Coach Rommel cast in the role of the Art teacher uses hyperbole to demonstrate that sometimes we may react a certain way toward a student who doesn't seem to be listening because we feel disrespected, which can easily result in frustration, anger and maybe even a loss of self-control (I couldn't resist ...):

How does the teacher feel? What does the teacher need?
What does the student need? How does the student feel?

Reminded that some students need to hear what we have to say more than once and often times in a different way, in take two we try a more positive alternative. Flex your empathy muscles and look at the scenario from the shoes of not only the instructor, but the student who didn't understand and the classmates around her as well. Remove the emotion from the reaction and feel the difference that this kinder, gentler, more loving redirection makes.

I know which family I would rather play with, don't you?

Have yourself a wonderful Wednesday!

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