For Good

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be on summer break,
but I couldn't get this empty bulletin board off my mind
so I went up to my new space and decorated.

And now that the grief of that hard good-bye has subsided, 
I am so super excited about my new opportunity.
I'm planning a lot of really fun stations, in Leadership Central.
This bulletin board area will be one of them.
Here's the inquiry: How can we use our superpowers to change the world ... for good? I've listed a few things that we can do, with intention, to spark that change.

Show empathy. 
Lift each other up.
Be Kind.
Talk it over.
Tell the truth.
Show gratitude.

We're going to talk about what they would add.
And I'm going to have blank bubbles for them to do just that.

There'll also be a brainstorming center,
a make-and-take center,
a role-play center,
a reflection center.
I'm especially excited about the latter because I've got a three-sided dressing-room mirror that we'll have questions posted on and reflection journals to scribe their answers. I'm positively intrigued by the possibilities ...

So today I'm feeling grateful, 
for the chance to nurture the skills of our middle-aged leaders as they soar to new heights and lead, on purpose, to change the world
 ... for good. 


  1. Barbara, while many would still be wallowing in self pity about the move, I love how you are so resilient. Your future students are so lucky to have you. Hoping you squeeze some fun in the midst of your summer prep.

  2. Thank you, Sylvia! I hope I'm way past the self-pity but the grief still comes and goes. Mostly I'm just filled with enthusiasm and hope about all of the possibilities that working with the Middles holds. Appreciate you stopping by! Hugs to Donald; happy summertime.


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