Feeling Confident

Here's what happened as we were moving my Feeling Tiles 
out of the ceiling of my Westwood Counseling Suite.

It bummed out my helper a little bit, that the confident tile had broken. But I think that it serves as a really nice parallel to what sometimes happens in life.

Look up the word confident in the dictionary
and you'll see descriptors like sure, bold, presumptuous even. 
Then think about the last time your confident got chipped.
What might happen to make that sure become shaky?
And how do you rebound and restore resiliently? 

Check out this post I found online about 
the first suggestion in this piece has to do with
In fact, the author quotes Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right.

Let's extend that adage to this smallish squirrel who,
perched atop the very cage that screams Do not enter,
 is helping itself to a vine-ripening tomato for breakfast.

Interestingly enough, my boys were confident that their contraption would keep those squirrels at bay and protect our fresh produce. But talk about presumptuous; those free-range rodents had a different idea. The other day I saw this one squirrel actually chuckling as I watched it enjoy his homegrown delicacy.

Anyway, whether you think you can or you can't ... confidence.

Sylvia Duckworth, a French teacher in my Twitter PLN, made this SketchNote.

And just this morning, I came across this treasure which helps explain what the brain is going through as we learn, grow, and gain confidence in our skills. Here's The Backwards Brain Bicycle.

What are some of your best strategies to get back on that bike once you've 
fallen off a few times so that your confident doesn't stay chipped?

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