Perfectly Imperfect

It's Friday and it just feels like time for a book review.
{Am I the only one who misses PPBF?} 
Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up a book I'd ordered, 
and here's the bonus find that made its way home with me. 

(As an aside, I was going to be named James had I been born a boy).

Anyway, this little treasure is packed with valuable gems ready for mining. 
Here's my favorite page, where the problem begins:

The beauty is ... this is so so real.
And, just like in real life, the story morphed.
It wasn't that James said she thinks she's perfect.
It's that James said he thinks her artwork is perfect.
But you know how misunderstandings go ... and now ... 
they're in a fight ... or at least ...  
in our narrator's heart and mind they are. 

Check out a review {here} and {here}.

I see this jewel as the perfect springboard to target and help stop
rumors, gossip, and distrust in their tracks.

The protagonist never does go to the source, to James, to get the truth, which is perfect, because it allows the reader to arrive at that solution by him or herself.

For enrichment, the Telephone Game? What a perfect idea!
Or adapt this lesson and let the glitter represent rumors instead of germs. 
You might want to also treat yourself to this intriguing article:
 Just for fun.

Compare and contrast this book to The Secret Olivia Told Me.

Get yourself a red balloon and inflate it to show how
quickly rumors grow before they eventually explode.

Then ask your children to draw something perfectly imperfect. 
To stretch them.
To nurture their creativity. 
And grow their mindset.

And play this clip to seal the deal (thanks, Lauren!).

Check out this book; I think you'll be perfectly pleased.


  1. This book sounds like a great find. I like your ideas, too. I'm adding it to my wish list:)

  2. I wrote down an idea for a book similar to this years ago and didn't do anything with it. This sounds like a great book. Love the illustrations. Miss PPBF, but am posting an occasional review. I need to backlog some books. Am doing a lot of reading for myself. Am reading "All the Light We Can Not See." One of the best novels I've ever read.


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