A New Frequency

Today I'm thinking a lot about empathy and mindset.

This clip really stops me in my track.

Every. Time.

It's probably because my first thought, belief, mindset ...
is that she's going to be in trouble. 
Big Trouble. 
For cutting her hair.
Who among us hasn't had this very scenario play out
in our very own bathroom, or bedroom, or classroom?
Those beautiful locks chopped by a certain young somebody 
armed with a scissors and lots of curiosity.

But then the frequency moves ever so slightly down the dial,
totally switching the sound and feel of the station,
and our emotions take that roller coaster free fall
that at once thrills and terrorizes.

I like that in a film clip and I can't wait to show this to
my middle-aged leaders.

I think I'll couple with with a reading from this book:

Click the graphic for the Teachers' Guide

It's the graphic-novel memoir of CeCe Bell's life as a child 
with a hearing impairment and a funny look at how a young CeCe navigated through what must have been at times painfully difficult to find a friend and soar to new heights.

Click {here} for a NY Times review.
Click {here} for an author interview.

My questions for both the clip and the reading will be:
How do they feel?
What do they want?
What do they need?
How do they use their superpowers to persevere?
How might having a growth mindset change things?
How could you use your superpowers to help?

And my question for you, dear reader, is this: 

How might your life be different better if you take a new look at something, 
move that dial up or down, to find a new frequency today?

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