Grandfather's Wrinkles

My post about Grandma Natzke made me think about this inspirational tale about grandparents.
   It's been said that "every cloud has a silver lining" and "hidden in every complaint, there's a compliment." Might it follow, then, that every wrinkle holds a priceless memory?
   Grandfather's Wrinkles by Kathryn England would answer this question with an unequivocal YES!
   In this heartwarming dialogue between Granddad and his inquisitive granddaughter Lucy, the lost art of storytelling emerges as the vehicle whereby the elder recounts the happy events behind his every wrinkle. This intergenerational story puts a positive spin on the aging process, sending the message that it's important to appreciate, reflect upon, and enjoy one's journey through life. Its beautiful scrapbook-style illustrations by Richard McFarland enhance and enrich the tale. At a time when communicating by laptop is all but replacing sitting and visiting atop a lap, this treasure offers a refreshingly creative way to trip down Memory Lane. I found myself yearning for more lap-time with my own grandparents. Do yourself a favor: find a lap, connect with someone special, share this book aloud, and get ready to pass along a few wrinkles of your own.  

How do you connect with and celebrate your grandparents?  At Westwood, we host a GRAND celebration each year.  Third graders invite their grandparents and lead a program during which they entertain their elders with songs about values and character.  Students then escort them to their classrooms where their grandparents have the chance to reminisce about days gone by with our 21st century learners. 
   Visit Flashlight Press for more information on this book and their other picture story books that explore and illuminate.

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  1. "How do you connect with and celebrate your grandparents?"- this recollects me the book which is filled by my grandfather. my father says, it was the book, he gave to his parents on parent's day.

    it is simply superb and I thank my father for giving a gift which is useful not just for my parents, me and my sister but also for future generations.


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