I love this question:  If you were arrested for kindness, would there be enough evidence to convict you?
   It's been said that kindness is a learned behavior and we know from experience that modeling is a powerful teacher.  That’s why I was glad that my boys were with me on that Wednesday morning when we fought a downpour to treat ourselves to donuts.
   In haste, I grabbed five single-dollar bills as we headed out of the car, dodging raindrops to go inside and get our breakfast of champions (aka sugar fix!). We ordered half-a-dozen donuts before inquiring about the cost of a large milk.  The man behind the counter answered “a dollar twenty five,” and I knew that we didn’t quite have enough money with us for that.
   Before I could ask him how much a small milk would cost, the lady at the table to our right told him to go ahead and give us the large, that she’d gladly pay the difference. He said thanks, but that wouldn’t be necessary because he could get the difference from his tip jar.
   OK, so two people we’ve never met before are jumping to our aid so that I don’t have to run out in the rain to get more money and my boys don’t have to split a small milk.  Simple?  Yep.  Random?  Certainly.  Impacting?  Without a doubt.  Besides what my boys learned from that brief encounter, the kindness of these two strangers brightened up a rainy day and we enjoyed a sweet side of generosity with our donuts and milk.    

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  1. boy that is a great question. I would hope that the answer would be yes. I believe in acts of kindness and helping others so I think I am on the right path.


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