The Fabric of America

Are you looking for an engaging way to celebrate culture and citizenship while weaving it into the fabric of your classroom? 
Allow me to introduce my newest patriotic find, Indie Excellence Award-Winner Red, White and Blue by Debbie Clement. Yay! 
Watch this colorful treasure leap off of the pages as the author teaches a group of educators to sing (and to sign!) the words.  
That's right, sign as in sign language, 
a bonus your little songbirds will undoubtedly consider really cool 
as they sing this love song to America.
Originally written shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, this musical gem just begs its readers to move along as they sing the simple, repetitive text.  From flags to fireworks, the pages are quilted with symbolism; Debbie's inspirational illustrations serve a tribute to our multi-cultural country. Not only does the hardcover come with a CD of the music, it also includes the musical score, nine sign-language words, 
and a Did-You-Know? glossary of facts and terms. 
It concludes with a page to share the story of this "epic project." 

While it's truly a timely book now as we approach the ten-year observance of 9/11 and remember the heroes along with all of those whose lives sustained significant change by the events of that day, I could also see our first graders performing it during their annual presentation of patriotic songs to honor those who serve when their branches-of-the-military unit culminates 
with a Veterans' Day celebration. 

Do yourself a favor and check out this book! Debbie's hosting a Linky Party at her blog Rainbows Within Reach so hop on over for a chance to win your copy today. 

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  1. love this! Children love sign language and it is easy to do. One of our kindergarten teachers taught her class our touchstone in sign and they presented it to the entire school at one of our assemblies. They were so proud and it proved that anyone can do it.


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