I just LOVE working with kids!  The little tykes have a knack for pulling at my heartstrings all day long and, at the end of the day, I'm emotionally exhilarated. Let’s just say that a counselor’s job is really heart work. Take today for example. I arrived at school and reported to my favorite duty, the car-rider line. I enjoy that spot so much because I get to be the first smile that students see when they step onto the sidewalk in front of their school. What an awesome responsibility and opportunity. It's impossible to be in a bad mood at that duty post. Well, I was kind of grumpy once, but then a little leader popped out of that back seat and exclaimed enthusiastically, “Mrs. Gruener, you look beautiful today!” which totally overflowed my emotional reserves and changed my morning momentum.  
     Once we got all of the kids into school, I helped with morning announcements, then I got to model a Morning Meeting with a first-grade class. We learned a little introduce-yourself chant, shared good news with one another, and moved to the Fliegerlied. It was the biggest booster shot for me to see those sweet sprouts make a soul train as they danced back to their seats. More heartwarming tugs! I’m exhausted but energized, good thing because it’s only 8:25 at this point. 
    I have five minutes to get to our Code of Conduct meetings. The little girl who responded "hey, cool Science tip!" to the part where we encouraged them to conserve water and energy made my heart laugh. I monitored lunch, which starts at 10:30 for us, then spent the afternoon strolling in and out of classes to meet our new students, greet the returning ones, and make even more cardiac connections. Then I got to help de-escalate an anxious kindergartener.  I knew he needed reassurance when he asked me, “Do you think my mom's going to remember to come back to get me at the end?” Poor little fella, so overwhelmed, so worried. Feeling the fear underneath that one question, another tug, no wait - pull! - at my heart, which has momentarily gone into overdrive. I seriously almost started crying with him. It's heart work, I tell ya.
   As I drive home, I'm happily satisfied and I know that I have the BEST job in the whole wide world, which prompts today's question:  What work of heart do you get to do that makes it worth going back tomorrow?

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