Mission Possible!

Happy School Year!  We hosted a Meet and Greet this Thursday afternoon and on Monday morning our little sprouts will be back on campus to fill our school with their childlike eagerness and energy, innocence and imagination, laughter and love! We're ready - are you?  What's your mission? I adopted this list years ago and, while I didn't officially start the document, I've owned it by revising it and making it fit who I am and where I am on my journey.  (A lot of it is Covey wisdom; if you know the original source of this, I'd LOVE to credit the author!)

     I used it with some character educators in a training this week by asking them to buddy buzz the list with a partner and discuss whether they are glowing or still growing (from another idea swap online!) in each particular skill set. Then I had them set a goal by asking them to highlight the one or two statements that they could work on this year. The Thought Cards that they completed indicated that they enjoyed this share-and-compare activity!

So here's today's challenge:  Make this your own working document.  What, if anything, would you take off of this list?  What would you add?  Which are your favorites?  Which could you get better at?  Be intentional. Think about your little learners.  Imagine your upcoming year.  Reflect on your last school year, last May, last week.


  1. I'm sending hugs back for spotlighting positive moments on your blog!


  2. Abundantly blessed comes around and goes around!


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