The Driving Force

Things didn't look nearly as bright for Packers wide receiver Donald "Quickie" Driver when he was a child struggling to survive as they do now as he starts his 13th season with the Packers on the heels of their championship in Super Bowl XLV. In fact, at one point he was homeless in Houston and living out of a U-Haul. His father was in jail and his mom couldn't care for her children by herself. Donald was a troubled teen headed down the rocky road of rebellion. But all of that changed one night when he decided he wanted something more, something better for his life. With the help of his coaches at Milby High School and supportive and caring grandparents, Donald did, in fact, make it. 
     He worked hard to keep his promise and turn his dream into a reality. He went to Alcorn State on a scholarship and was picked up in the last round of the 1999 draft by the Green Bay Packers. Since then, he's had nearly 700 catches, 53 TDs, three Pro Bowls, a Packers MVP award, the franchise record for receptions, and a Super Bowl ring. Equally as impressive? Along the way, #80 created The Donald Driver Foundation so that he could give back and help change the lives of kids that he connects with and understands all too well.
     Interestingly enough, one of those charity gigs was Breakfast on the Farm in Wayside, Wisconsin. It was in June of 2004, the grand reopening of my family's farm after a fierce fire destroyed the century-old timber barn and the milking facility. Donald Driver and three other Packers celebrated with us by hanging out and signing autographs for thousands of guests. YAY! Click here for the touching story behind Driver's determination and subsequent success and then check out his children's book Quickie Makes The Team for a character lesson on perseverance and drive. 

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