Our C2C Guidance Game

After Kaitlyn and I posted our From Crayons to College bulletin board, I thought a lot about how to actually use the concept as a college-readiness tool with my K-3rd graders in guidance. Concerned that some of the words we chose were too big for our little learners, I created this interactive A-Z board to test drive it. Oh what fun we had! Here's how the game goes: There are two crayons in each pocket, one with something positive about that trait, one with something negative about it. 

For example: F is for family. One crayons says "The family that plays together stays together." The other one says, "My family annoys me so I just stay in my room."  Students take turns coming to the board to choose ONE of the crayons at random and read the saying aloud. My puppet reads it aloud for the non-readers. If they pulled a positive saying, we discussed what what good about it and added a brick to our 13-brick (one for every year from K-12) tower. If they pulled the negative one, we processed what was problematic about what it said and they did not get to add a brick. My students LOVED this game and totally understood each and every skill once we got through the ABCs and to the top of the tower. 

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