Thanking Those Who Serve

Those of you who know me know that I LOVE my caramel macchiato in the morning. The bigger, the better - GO VENTI!  And if it's made by a barista at Starbucks, that's the best. So it made me happy when my sister called to say that there was a Starbucks RIGHT in front of the hotel where we'd be spending Saturday night. YAY!  I went to sleep with a smile because I knew what I'd be awakening to.  When I walked in, however, I saw a new flavor just calling my name:  Salted Caramel Mocha.  What to do, what to do? I asked the barista to describe it and what she told me sounded good, but I wasn't really feeling adventuresome, so I ordered the usual. That's when she said slyly, ok, but it really IS good! Alright already, go ahead, make me a sample.  S.O.L.D!  After all of that indecision (and the fact that she wasn't quite sure WHAT to do with the 50-cent piece I handed her), she ended up closing the drawer without giving me my change.  That was a twenty, I reminded her, but she couldn't open up the drawer until her next sale.
     Then they walked in. The next customers. Her next sale. And they were dressed in uniform. One in camo, and two in blue suits, all three obviously in some sort of service to us. To me. They had just come from a ceremony to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of a very dark day in history.  I didn't have to think very hard about what I wanted to do to thank and honor them for their service, especially on a somber Sunday like today.  I told that sweet Starbucks server that she could use my change to buy their drinks. They protested politely, of course, but I insisted. Thank you for your service, I said, to which the soldier responded: We don't ask for anything in return, but a kind thank-you now and again really goes a long way.
     Sometimes it's hard and even a bit awkward to do, to approach a man or woman in uniform, extend a hand, and express gratitude to them for serving, but I'm told that being appreciated goes a really long way. My hand-crafted candybar-in-a-cup ready to go, I smiled and was on my way with a jolt of java in my hand and a whole lot of happiness in my heart!


  1. Way to Pay it Forward Barbara! What a great act of kindness to some special people.

  2. Thanks, Jo, but truly my small gesture doesn't BEGIN to pay them back. I stand in awe of their heroism.

  3. As a sister of a Captain in the Air Force, thank you for paying it forward. I agree with you that I am always in awe of their heroism.


  4. Oh, Jodi - PLEASE thank him (and his family!!!) for serving from the Gruener Gang!!!


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