Gentle Strength

This heartwarming story brings home the sentiment that sometimes it's the littlest things that make the biggest difference. When Rudy Favard was a high school football player, he answered a call to help a family carry their then-eight-year-old son with disabilities up the stairs to bed.  He didn't think it was any big deal, but read his story here and you may think differently than this unsung hero. I love Rudy's sage advice at the end of the story:  Just lend a hand, it's not that hard. 


  1. I LOVE these stories that you share! They are just what I need to hear at the end (or at least near the end) of a very loooooong day!


  2. Good Morning Barbara!

    This one really touched me. I worked with kids just like Sam for the first half of my career. The "Rudys" of that day still bring JOY to my heart!

    Last year we celebrated a student in my gen ed class with autism--not only for the changes he had made... but for the changes he had made in US!

    Have a happy day!


  3. I thought this one was SO touching, too. May we FILL the world with Rudys!



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