One Band, One Sound

It's coming up on THAT time again, a chance that comes around every other year and for which we wait almost as longingly as we do a holiday or a birthday:  UIL 4A State Marching Band Contest.  This afternoon, our high school band will march in the regional competition. The bands who score a 1 get to advance to Area on Saturday. The top two bands from the Area earn the chance to play in San Antonio's Alamo Dome in the State competition. The last time were at the State Contest was two years ago with a show called Convergence. It was a phenomenal performance, and our band brought home the silver medal. Imagine the dedication and commitment it takes to earn second place in a huge state like Texas which has about 250 high schools our size vying for about 25 spots at State before it's narrowed down to the top ten finalists and the top three medalists. Click here to see a trailer for this year's show. 
    So we spent all day on Saturday at the Lonestar Preview in Conroe, TX, in preparation for the upcoming week. Talk about your protective risk factor! The band managed an extra practice Friday night since we had a Thursday night football game this week, then left first thing Saturday to rehearse before marching their prelims show at 3:45. They came out of prelims in 9th place to make the finals. Their finals performance, so beautifully lyrical with such pageantry and elegance, brought me to tears and the crowd to its feet. We ended up earning 4th place. The kids gave it their all and were physically and emotionally exhausted! On Sunday morning I woke up to this note posted on Jacob's door:
   Evidently Jacob got in around 1:30 a.m. My favorite part of this sticky note from my teenager is that he started writing a D for Do Not Disturb, but he scratched it out so he could start with the word PLEASE. Whether these kids come away with the gold or not, they're winners when they show up on time, work hard, hold one another accountable, give their best effort, cooperate, and remember their manners. YAY for Band; this proud mama sends congratulations on your pursuit of excellence and best wishes for a successful season.


  1. I used to leave these kind of notes on my door all the time in high school after a long weekend of marching band. Lets be honest, I still do this sometimes! Congrats to the band. I went to Wisconsin State Marching Band Competition this last weekend and it, once again, did not disappoint!

  2. Oh, how I miss WI this time of year!! I actually tried out for the UW Marching band way back when, but alas, I didn't make the cut.


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