Piece By Peace

Next week we'll combine National Character Counts! Week with our annual drug-free Red Ribbon campaign. I've been getting ready since school started. Last week I got this sign made and posted it to pique interest. When I was called to cover a class on Friday, I asked the first-grade students what they think it means to be a PeaceMaker. Micah raised his hand and confidently responded, "It means we get to sign the poster out there!"  Oh, to be a firstie again! He's right; we'll be signing this Peace Pledge in guidance classes starting today, after we discuss what it takes to be a PeaceMaker. You can read all about what else we'll be doing to celebrate character in my guest post at The Teachers' Lounge.


  1. First graders are the BEST! lol I love the reference to the popular book with two important topics!

  2. Good Morning, Barbara:

    I bet you are not surprised to find out I am in charge of Red Ribbon Week (say that 5 times fast!) at my school too!

    Can't wait to check out the post at The Teachers' Lounge!

    Happy day!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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