Planting A Promise

Happy Worldwide Character Counts! week. The Friendswood community gathered yesterday morning for our annual Wrap the Town Red ceremony to officially kick off our Red Ribbon & Character Counts! Week celebration. I know, we're technically a week ahead of the National Red Ribbon campaign this year, but it's a tradition in our town to combine RR week with CC! week for one critical character cause: Helping our children make healthy choices! 
     Our Junior High Girls' Choir sang the National Anthem, two eighth-grade Cheer Squads led a few cheers and danced, and our Superintendent of Schools and our Mayor Pro Tem rallied the crowd with words of inspiration before our Westwood third-grade Treble Makers choir pledged to be Forever Free, launching us out into the district with hundreds of these two-sided red signs to be posted on all of our campuses. It's a simple Saturday ritual with a powerful purpose; click here to see how we planted the promise for our future.


  1. Those "treble makers" sure are cuties!
    BTW, where did you get your red signs?

    I love the community feel of all of this.
    I guess that's what great leadership does!
    YAY for you!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Such an encourager; thanks Kim! We had the signs made locally. I'd be happy to email you their info if you'd like.


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