Positively Peaceful

We have been talking ALL week about being a PeaceMaker and it has reminded me of an activity that my students really enjoy. Click here to download the PeaceMaker template. Pose the question: What does a PeaceMaker look like, sound like, feel like? Let students respond with words and drawings inside their little PeaceMaker outline. Expect symbols of positivity like rainbows and yin yangs, peace signs and smiley faces, fireworks and affirmations. Have them share with a partner or the class before moving on to the next step.
     After everyone's had a chance to share, ask them to draw or write on the outside of the being about PeaceBreakers, the things that keep them from being at peace on the inside. Expect pictures of (or words about) bullies, weapons, drugs, mean things, rude behavior, symbols of sadness and negativity. Let students talk about these things and the strategies they use to deal with them. Then ask how it would be if they could just "cut it out!" Discuss what it takes to stay positively peaceful on the inside with all those negative influences on the outside. With their scissors, students then cut away the bad stuff and discard it, just keeping the positivity on the inside. 
     Post these PeaceMakers in a prominent place around the classroom or have students tape them inside their pencil boxes for a visual reminder of things that bring them inner peace. For a fun twist, make life-sized PeaceMakers by tracing around a few student volunteers and complete the activity in small groups.

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