Savor The Surplus

My son brought me this note the other night.  He tried to talk to me about it, but he could see that I was too busy, so he just left it by my side until I had time to check it out.

I'm learning to never be too busy!

You see, it's a note that he gave to his 7th grade Algebra I teacher.  A while back, actually.  All on his own.  And he wanted to share it with me.

I called him back in to tell me all about it.  He said, "well, we always have a surplus, right? So I just thought I'd offer some to Mrs. Bateman, cause she's so nice."

He's right, we've got a surplus and are abundantly blessed. 
What surplus are you savoring today?


  1. Hi Friend!

    I still do a happy dance when I get a comment on my blog. And two happy dances when the comment is from you!

    Thought of you when I started doing laundry (!). After wearing red all week, I am wearing orange and black tomorrow!!!

    Have a good week (And may there be a SURPLUS of kindness wherever you go!)

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Surplus. What a brilliant idea to resonate with a 7th grader. I know that you're proud of him for recognizing he can contribute!!!



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