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We recently had an inservice so we could learn about thinking webs. That got me to thinking about a blog I wrote this spring for Inside the School called School Productivity: Happiness Matters. The idea for this post came from an article I saw in the Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine in August of 2010 about a study in which cows with names gave more milk than their un-named sisters. That made this former farmer's daughter wonder: If milk production could really be significantly increased simply by calling a cow by name, there ought to be measures teachers could take to yield the same results with students in the classroom. How do you increase productivity in your pasture and keep your herd happily engaged?

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  1. Got milk? I love that! Thanks for your comment. My email is mpowr@cox.net if you'd like to write. I have a new computer so I lost all my contact info here at home. I have an article being published in Sasee Magazine (South Carolina) Nov. issue. Very exciting. I have a bumpy road ahead so as long as I get to have contact with you and sell a million of my books...I CAN DO THIS!!! Love you!


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