Something-To-Smile-About Saturday

Proof positive that a smile does MORE than increase your face value!


  1. Hi Barbara:
    Your comment on my blog was the first thing that made me SMILE this morning. And this post was the second thing! (And my coffee machine beeping was the third... how much time do you have?)

    I am still thinking about Ben's bells. I loved the transformational part of the story...

    BTW... Was it your site that posted the "baby cap knitting story"? I lost track of that one this summer... but I think my principal may be willing to let our Student Council do that activity... and she would teach the knitting!

    And if that wasn't on your site, we BOTH have to find that activity and video! Heartwarming!!

    Happy day!

  2. Yes, Kim - that's our Knit Club story. We just kicked it off again for another year with 65 novice third grade knitters, but 6th graders would be perfect, too, cause they'd learn more quickly, I think. Have your principal email me if she wants at bgruener (@) fisdk12.net and I'd be happy to share what we've got and/or help in any way.


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