Christmas Pancakes

My sister, Debra, shared  this sweet sentiment she attached to a gift last year and I thought it might be something you'd enjoy putting together for a friend or family member next year.  Merry Christmas!
Christmas Pancakes by Debra Bergman

There’s always been something extra special about Christmas morning. I don’t know; perhaps it’s being able to sleep in longer than usual with nowhere to go, no particular plans. Rising at my leisure to watch the sparkling snow fall lightly to the grown on a clear and crisp wintry day while I slowly shuffle around inside my warm and safe home, I enjoy the Currier and Ives scene outside my window as I sip a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I like to turn on Christmas music and read the morning paper and just relax. Don’t you? Or maybe too, you like knowing that your kids are home and that they will open the abundant pile of gifts that you have carefully shopped for and wrapped again this year; oh……. the anticipation of it all. Which one will Mellissa like best; what about Zack ,and we can’t forget Tyson . . . . 
     Yes, all of these Christmas morning memories and more are firmly imbedded in your mind as special traditions, I'm sure, but the one thing that makes them all complete is the Christmas morning Pancake breakfast. Mmmm……..Christmas pancakes.
     No time spent in the kitchen would be any fun at all without having every crucial item available to you, so we have assembled all that you will need to make the best Christmas morning pancake breakfast ever! First, let’s start with your kitchen attire. No cook is ever quite complete without a proper apron. Aprons have several functions; they allow you to wipe your hands when they are oily or wet, they keep your clothes from getting filled with flying batter, and they may even keep you just a bit warmer. The apron in your basket is most fitting for the season; it says it all….and, since it’s going to keep snowing, we have added a pair of matching fuzzy socks to keep the Christmas cook extra toasty.
     Martha Stewart says that having your kitchen looking extra inviting is half the trick to a special meal. With that in mind, we have added special cloth napkins for your place settings with; of course, cats on them, a personal statement magnet for your refrigerator, a Holiday decorative hanging towel and the last minute tree ornament…..'cause you can never have enough of those (and we couldn’t pass it up). To avoid any unnecessary kitchen stove burns, we have included the highly-rated amazing glove hot surface handler for all your baking needs.
     For your main breakfast dish….the pancakes; we have added the pancake mix, for drinks, eggnog and a special blend of pear cinnamon cider for you to serve. We suggest that you serve the pancakes with organically-produced Bergman Farm Grade A maple syrup. Not only does Wisconsin maple syrup have superb flavor, it also has a large variety of minerals and vitamins. 
     The traditional dinner bell was added as we could only guess that the kids will be engrossed in their gifts or on the phone with friends, perhaps even sleeping. Though we are certain that the wonderful aroma of your yummy Christmas morning cuisine will get them to the table, we added the bell just in case. After dinner mints have been included; they can help settle just about any over indulgence.
     The after meal clean up is our least favorite part of any meal, but to make it easier on you; we have added two handmade gifts found at this year’s Warner park craft fair, a wash cloth to help clean those just-eaten-from sticky dishes and a scrubby to clean those just-cooked-from pans. Now that the meal is done, isn’t it about time to go back to relaxing? I am usually still in my pajamas; I hope you are too. 
To make your own Christmas Pancakes, mix together 1 cup flour, 3 T. sugar, 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1/4 tsp. salt, 1 cup Buttermilk, 1 egg, 3 T. cooking oil.  Pour batter onto a griddle.  Flip when batter bubbles to brown evenly. EnJOY with Wisconsin Pure Maple Syrup!         

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