Cyberspace Safety

The internet is a wonderful tool, but it doesn't come without the huge responsibility of media literacy. When we equip our little surfers with the guidelines and rules to keep them safe in their cyberspace travels, we help them become 'value-able' citizens in their virtual worlds. 
     Since my youngest son is a huge Phineas and Ferb fan, I was delighted to see their Common Sense PSA on the Disney Channel. Though I find the show difficult to watch sometimes, I viewed their tips for digital safety myself and I'll have to admit that I just became a little bit more of a fan myself. Their last suggestion, to put down the technology periodically because nothing replaces time with real-life friends, really resonates with me and it packs a punch coming from a company whose product predominantly centers around digital media. 
     StarShine Workshop is a relatively new and engaging internet safety video. I know this one personally because my friends at Rising Star Education asked me to help write the teachers' guide.  Targeting kids in grades 3 through 6, this video introduces, teaches, and reinforces the Five Keys to staying safe online. Click here to view a clip of the story.
     PBS Kids also has an engaging game - Webonauts Internet Academy - to help kids navigate through the challenges and avoid the perils of cyberspace travel. Thanks Disney, Rising Star, and PBS Kids for these three terrific resources. There are so many sites that offer tips and strategies for staying safe in cyberspace; what are your go-to internet safety resources?  


  1. thanks for the dvd recommendation. I had been using the Safe Side Internet Safety dvd and am looking forward to this one. At what grade do you start teaching internet safety?

  2. We start talking about it with them as soon as they come to school with us, but our actual lessons with the police dept. rep start in 3rd grade.


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