No-Cost Fun With The Faculty

I just LOVED Denise's No-Cost Gifts post at Yearn to Learn that it sparked a bulletin board idea for just outside of our teacher's lounge. It's been such a intriguing discussion starter with students as we pass by. I was almost speechless when one of my third graders asked, "Why didn't you put respect on that board?" Actually, I didn't really even think about it. But there ARE six bags, and that would have been perfect, one for each pillar of character. Coincidence? I wonder.  Do you see why I'm energized by talking to kids? What else would you have put on that Free Gifts board? Other things he suggested I could have put included friendship, character and behavior. That reminded me of my dad, so I told him how Dad used to tell us every year that he didn't want anything for Christmas, just good kids.  

It also reminded me of last December when the faculty passed around these pretty Silver Gifts with affirmation cards attached. 

Visit the Teachers' Lounge at Really Good Stuff for my Faculty Frolics guest post about those and a few other festive (and free!) ideas for fun with the faculty.

Thanks for the inspiration, Denise!


  1. Oh Barbara this is perfect to tie into my lesson with the Giving Tree. Usually I just had kiddos trace their hand and write something they could give that did not cost money. Then I took the hands and formed the shape of a Tree. With the use of this board we could have these ideas as gifts under our trees. Thanks much!

  2. Barbara, I LOVE this!!! I'm totally going to do something like this at my school. THANKS!

    Runde's Room

  3. Great bulletin board for the season! Thank you for sharing!



  4. Thanks friends - it was indeed a FUN one to make!


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