Other Duties As Assigned

I just love car rider duty in the morning. It's like counseling on the curb in a way, because I get to check in with the kids and get a quick read their emotional barometer as they get out of the car and launch into the day with us. I also get a glimpse into their lives just by my brief interaction with whomever is dropping them off. Sometimes it's the grandparent with whom they live and I have a new appreciation for both the child and the guardian. And I get a few surprises, too. Sometimes there's a dog in the car; my favorite is that big fluffy Sebastian who rides along because he just lost his brother and he's lonely. Talk about a LOVEY!  And sometimes I just get the biggest kick out of my exchanges, however brief, with those PrEcIoUs children. Like on Friday, when I opened the door for twin kindergarten sisters. I said, "Well, this must be my lucky day to get to open your car door," to which one of the girls confidently chided, "Why, yes, it is!" YAY for healthy self-esteem; oh to be in K again! How much better could my other duties as assigned be? 

Looks like the counselor was in charge again!

Well, this one was pretty good, too. Last week, I was the acting administrator (BIG focus on the word acting!), so I got to decide on and post the message on the marquee. What would you say to passersby if you were in charge?


  1. Ohhhh How I wish you could come "act" as administrator at my school! I will do my best to pass your message on:)

  2. I'm with Tammy - you can be "acting" administrator at my school ANY DAY!!! We're trying, but we could definitely use a large dose of cheerful right about now ...

    Runde's Room

  3. Thanks, Tammy and Jen - I'll take BOTH of you on my team a.n.y. DAY!!!

  4. LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing those lovely rider duty stories. I think this marquee board should stay up for a while! Nice work. So there are some perks to "other duties as assigned" :-)


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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