The Superbowl Of Music

Words cannot adequately explain what concert-goers experienced at the Texas Region XVII Symphony Orchestra performance Saturday night, so I'm posting their first number - Von Suppe's The Poet and the Peasant - to let you hear the greatness for yourself. What a blessing for Jacob, our trumpet player, to audition for and earn a spot sitting alongside these amazingly dedicated and polished high school musicians. Listen for familiar melodies from cartoons of years past while you enJOY the enthusiasm of their conductor Andrzej Grabiec, who told the audience that these young people energized him and that they were passionate students who "keep me young!"


  1. What talent! That was one of the most beautiful orchestras I have ever heard. It is amazing what a group of young people can accomplish. Congratulations to Jacob and your family.

  2. WOW! Those are students????
    Very impressive!
    (I honestly thought the horns were stand-out performers!)
    Congrats to Jacob, and of course, Mom too!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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