ALL Things!

I totally LOVE this picture. There's just something SO serene about it.  My brother took it a few years back at the parochial school where I spent my formative years, so that's probably part of it. I kind of miss winter now that I live in the south, that's another part. I've always loved softball, another draw. But the best part, to me, is the verse that's been weathered but is legible nonetheless.  I can do all things . . .  


  1. Good Morning, Barbara:
    Beautiful picture! I love the way the snow is hugging the branches.
    And that sentiment is the BEST way for me to start a Sunday morning.
    It's always good for me to keep that reminder in my heart.
    Wishing you a blessed day, wonderful friend...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Very BEAUTIFUL!! I love the everything about it. The sign with the scripture makes it perfect.

    First Grade Delight

  3. LOVE the message ...
    It snowed a ton yesterday (which made driving my daughter to soccer seem not so possible [but we made it]), but when we woke up this morning, the trees looked like this outside, and all was good in the world again.
    Happy Sunday, Barbara!

    Runde's Room


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