Spring Into Seuss

As we get closer to March 2nd and the Read Across America Birthday bash, we remember and celebrate Dr. Seuss' unparalleled contribution to children's literature.  
Here's a Spring Into Seuss board I created using my sneetches:

The Seuss titles that I use most often in my counseling are What Was I Scared Of?, My Many Colored Days, Yertle The Turtle, and The Sneetches. There's nothing like a little star-bellied controversy to get kids thinking! Ask questions with emotive force: Are Stars a good thing? To whom? How could Stars be a bad thing? Find out from the your students what the equivalent of the Star Belly would be today. What are some of the issues that kids use to exclude others? Who are the fast-talking salesmen who want to capitalize on those differences? What issues unite or bring them back together?

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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