Auction Action

Our school carnival fundraiser is just around the corner; what does your school do to raise funds?  Here I am with Mr. Whitlock, selling tickets at last year's Round Up; I always take the first shift so I'm free to be a part of the silent and live auction action:

So, our PTO is in charge of this family FUNdraiser.  As such, they encourage faculty and staff to get involved and connect with kids by donating Teacher Treats to the auction. We put in all sorts of things like Principal For The Day, Karaoke With The Music Teacher, A Canoe Trip with the Assistant Principal, Movie Night with the Third Grade Team, Picnic With Your Kindergarten Teacher, First Grade Team Cheerleading Squad, Root Beer Floats with the Second Grade Team, Guitar Lessons with Mr. Cloyd.  

So what did I contribute? This year I'm donating three things: 

1.  A hand-made black scarf (knit with eyelash yarn), a Knit Kit, and a one-hour knitting lesson.
2.  An autographed copy of Maria Dismondy's Pink Tiara Cookies for Three and a Tiara Cookie Cutter with a one-hour cooking class for up to four kids.
3.  A copy of Nan Forler's Bird Child which accompanies a Tuck-in Time package for up to 10 children. What is that? you ask.  I've teamed up with my administrative team to offer a one-hour, bedtime-story session that could serve as a birthday party treat or as a sweet surprise to a family's own kiddos. We'll show up with milk and cookies to read three stories that'll lull their little ones to dreamland. 

This year's Round Up promises to be so much fun; click here to see pictures from last year's event. A special thanks to Maria and Nan for supporting our efforts by donating copies of their books to this annual outing and to our AmAzInG volunteers for working so diligently to put together this wonderful family-togetherness opportunity.


  1. Barbara-- We have what we call basket auctions on our night. Parents and kids can buy tickets to win a basket. Some of the items are Badger basket (Wisconsin sports items), Packer basket, American Girl, Camping, Day at the Spa, Legos, Gift Cards, Italia Festa etc. This year we added a new one--Principal's basket and I think we can borrow a few of your ideas. Thanks!

  2. That's a wonderful idea and so sweet of the staff to donate their time with the kids. I bet you raise a lot of money for your school. Thanks for sharing.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. We actually have had great success financially because time with your child's teacher is priceless!

  3. Hi Barbara:

    We do the basket thing also (as Jo described above).
    I love all of your offerings--so creative and so YOU!
    I can send you some Oreos for the cookies and milk party...

    Happy Weekend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Kim, I'll take your Oreo surplus on the condition that you deliver them IN PERSON! YAY, we're finally going to meet!!


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