Just In Case

Happy Sunday!  I snapped this picture a few weeks ago as my teenaged son was preparing to take off to take his SAT.

Here's what he packed to take along; I just LOVE that he still puts those cute eraser caps on his pencils and carries a pencil sharpener in his pencil case, just in case. He also had a few spare batteries in there, just in case.  
Looks like he's prepared and ready to go.

It got me to thinking about the stuff I take along with me, just in case, like a blank thank-you note, because you never know when you're going to need one, right? And then it got me to wondering:  What do you carry with you, just in case?


  1. I am the queen of just in case. I carry with me, just in case, a book, a book light, batteries, extra pair of socks (my feet always get cold), many other little sundry items, money (I always have a hidden $20 somewhere) and of course some sort of snack, almonds being my favorite. Mind you, I don't carry this around everyday, all the time, only when we are going some place that I might need something...just in case!

    Loved this post!!

  2. Hi Barbara! I love your son's Just in case pack for his test!! I always carry a pen, a sharpie, a piece of paper, tissues and a safety pin!! ( I can't tell you how many times I have used the safety pin, LOL!) I love the idea of a thank you card! I am going to use that! Thanks as always for your great blog posts!! I look forward to them everyday!



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