Contracts, Agreements & Pie, Oh My

Do you have unwritten rules or agreements with your family?  We have household norms that create a win-win for us. If I prepare the meal, for example, the boys set and clear the table, and John does the dishes. If John mows the lawn, the boys and I sweep up. If they go berry picking, I make the pie. Last night they came home with these fresh dewberries, so today we're enjoying this scrumptious delight:

We LOVE fresh dewberry pie topped with a dollop of whipping cream!

Does your faculty make a promise to one another and draw up a Staff Agreement?  If so, how does it work?  Using the Six Pillars of Character as a guide, we answered the question  
How do we want to work together?
to help decide what we could agree upon and use as our staff norms. We all signed the resulting document that hangs in the Teachers' Lounge.

Click image to enlarge

Do your students script a social contract or promise to one another?  If so, how is that working, especially at this time of year? Our students work together to answer the question: How do we want to treat one another? Here's a sample 21st-century Social Contract 
hanging in a third-grade classroom:

We've found that it's a whole lot easier to work together to craft an agreement and post a promise in August, at the beginning of the school year, than it is for us (and students!) to adhere to and honor it toward the end of the year, come April. What are your strategies to help keep that contract or promise fresh in the hearts and minds of your staff and students and make it more than just a poster on the wall?  How do you transform it into a working document that you reference, tweak, and practice all year long?


  1. I love reading your blog and have fallen behind on commenting due to "LIFE". :)

    I like this agreement between the students and will have to try something like that next year. I've always done the "behavior plan" which was really just for "me". I've never even thought about having a plan for how they work together and treat each other. Shameful isn't it? :)

    Thanks for inspiring me!


  2. we had kids write social promises/contracts for the first time this year. The teachers and the kids loved it---it was like making their own rules and they made the decisions on what to do if violations occurred. This is a great way to building community in the classroom.

  3. I love this posted!!! Def. on my now ever growing to do list for summer :)

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