Taxing Decisions

Happy Tax Day!  What taxing decisions will you face today?  
I tend to agree with Roger Lewin, who once said:  
Too often we give our children answers to remember instead of problems to solve.  
But what are we doing about that?  I decided to focus my responsibility lesson on a easy-to-remember decision-making model.  First, I created this poster using velcro to attach the four components:

It was authentic engagement for kids to be able to manipulate the pieces and decide in which order they'd go.  Some classes decided that we ought to think first, then look at our options, so it made for a riveting discussion.  Ultimately, we'd end up with Stop, Look at our options, Think about the choices, their consequences, and our stakeholders, then Decide.  

We talked about the formula, then we practiced it over and over again with real-life dilemmas.  It was great fun!  As a launch, we took the words from the poster and made them into this little chant:

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  1. Hi Barbara!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful character book recommendations! I added them to my book wish list and will definitely be checking them out next time I am at a bookstore! I love your character blog! I love the quote by Roger that you mentioned in this post. That is so true! I want to teach my kids how to be good problem-solvers and the decision-making model you provided is perfect! Thank you and I am looking forward to reading more of your characters posts!

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