We Do Listen

Do you know the Howard series? There are SO many amazing Wigglebottom resources at the We Do Listen website, including coloring sheets and animated books, songs and dances. You gotta love a site with free stuff whose mission is:  Enabling Children To Feel Good About Themselves.  Happy Dancing!  

Oh, and speaking of rabbits, why not HOP on over to our Pre-K and K Sharing collaborative for my guest post today on helping your special somebunnies with manners. 


  1. I use all of these books as the little ones love them. I really like Howard B Wigglebottom learns about sportsmanship as it is a great introductory book to talk about how to be a good sport and teammate

  2. Howard B Wigglebottom is great! I only have one book ... definitely need to look for more. Thanks for the reminder.

    Grade ONEderful

  3. I love the Howard B Wigglebottom books! I bought a set for my youngest at Christmas this year - they were a hit!

    Runde's Room


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