The Bowl

Happy Mother's Day! Check out this vintage black-and-white, May 1965, of my Mom with my siblings and me on Mother's Day.  She looks absolutely radiant!

Every year I get the best gifts from my children because they always give me something hand-made. I got this bowl from Jacob 
when he was in eighth grade.

It's a wooden bowl that he'd made in his Wood Shop class. And though we use it as a candy dish, he assures me that we could even eat cereal out of it and that it wouldn't leak. Isn't that cool?

He'd completed all of the other projects when he approached his teacher to ask if he could make a bowl. The teacher told him that he'd never had anyone ask to do a bowl before but he'd certainly be willing to help him give it a shot, if that's what he wanted to make. So Jacob researched how to do it and, with his teacher's guidance, he created this bowl. And all the while he was making it, he never said a word.  It. Was. A. Huge. Surprise! And when Mr. Ralph told me that Jacob makes him a better teacher, that was a beautiful bonus and music to a mom's ears.  To moms everywhere:
May your day be blessed.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Barbara!!!

  2. How beautiful - the picture, the bowl, and the story!!! Happy Mother's Day to YOU, my friend!

    Runde's Room

  3. Happy belated Mothers Day to you, too :))
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers


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