Mommy Makeovers

It's that time again . . . and at Westwood, we're getting ready for our annual Mommy Makeovers!  I just LOVE it when the first-graders turn their classroom into a beauty salon for a morning of make-up and manicures, perfume and pedicures, massage and memories, lotion and love. There is nothing sweeter than to watch a little one combing his mom's hair or putting powder on her hands.  

After some precious pampering, the moms are treated to a poem and a song or two before being served tea and cookies by their favorite hosts and hostesses. It's a morning I really enjoy because I inevitably get invited to delight in the decadence; who wouldn't want to go to work and get all fixed up? The students will make cards like these two that I received from Kaitlyn and Jacob when they were younger. Showing this Heart of a Mother clip from Simple Truths is another option. They'll also read a book; Karen Kingsbury's Let Me Hold You Longer is one of my favorite mom books.

It is a heartwarming treasure that's really written more for grown-ups than for kids! It challenges - urges even! - moms and dads, guardians and grandparents, anyone who's ever had a child in their care, to cherish not only their child's developmental firsts, but their precious lasts. Read and re-read this book to be thoroughly touched by its special message and appreciate its beautiful illustrations and verse. This inspirational gem will make a wonderful addition to your collection and be a treasured gift for that special occasion like Mother's Day or Graduation.  

Get ready for an emotional reaction; you may want to have a box of tissues close by. I think I'll ask for Karen's latest - Let's Go On A Mommy Date - for my birthday. It looks like another keeper!

How will you help your students celebrate their Moms?


  1. I can already feel the love...you have some lucky parents!

  2. wow--never heard of either book. Now I know what my weekly trip to Barnes and Noble will be about.

  3. I bet those mothers love to be pampered like that.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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