Friends (Mostly)

So I was in Wisconsin on Save Your Local Bookstore Day last week and, as we passed by this quaint little bookstore in Waukesha, I suggested we stop by and that's where I found out that WI author Barbara Joosse has another friendship book on the market . . . just look at this AdOrAbLe pair!  

Entitled Friends (Mostly), this diary-style tale chronicles the antics of Henry and Ruby, fast friends who take turns writing entries about how they feel about one another. And I can totally HEAR their sweet, little voices as they talk about being friends and then unfriends (it depends); I think your little learners will like reading about how they get along, fight, make up, and get along again. It's just so real! The one thing I will ask my students when we read it together is, "What might be a better response than 'Okay' when a friend apologizes?" This will be a perfect lead-in to practice giving and accepting apologies. It'd also make an interesting point-of-view lesson. 

There's not necessarily a storyline in this book, so use it as a fun springboard for a writing extension activity; have your students put meat on the skeleton for an interesting sequel to their escapades.

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  1. Looks cute. I will keep an eye out for it when we visit later this summer.


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