Real Sportsmanship

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Have you seen the headlines about Meghan Vogel, the high school junior track star from Ohio, who stopped running her 3200-meter final at the State track meet to help a struggling opponent cross the finish line? Click {here} to read about her AmAzInG act of caring and sportsmanship. It reminds me of a story about one of our own FHS runners from last year's graduating class; I think you'll agree that the future looks bright with teens like Tommy leading the pack! And finally, prepare to be blown away by this race clip (thanks Kim!) that showcases Matt, a courageous fifth grader, and the friends who rallied around him when his disability threatened to interfere with his goal. What's your favorite sportsmanship story?


  1. I read about Meghan the other day. I'm a runner, so it touched me in a special place.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I loved watching the video of the Central Washington softball players carrying the Oregon girl who injured her knee and could run--they carried her all the way home and in doing so, lost the game.


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