Bad Things Happen For A Reason

Have you seen these Procter and Gamble Raising An Olympian inspirational spots? Here's one that really got to me, about Shawn Johnson through the eyes of her mom. In addition to being a gold medalist, Shawn is a recipient of the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award from Character Counts! in Iowa. She grew up in a CC! school and has been a celebrated ambassador for the Six Pillars of Character. And when you see her mom and not only hear, but feel, what she has to say about her daughter, then you'll know without a doubt that this expression rings true: 
Children learn what they live. 

Click {here} for an update on this 20-year-old gymnast's incredible journey.

Oh, and once you've recovered from watching this emotional spot, hop on over to our PreKandKSharing collaborative to read my post comparing two Amy Krouse Rosenthal books (Chopsticks & Spoon) to each other.


  1. I SO have Olympic fever!!! I've already warned my girls that during the Olympics, the TV is MINE!!! We'll make medal cookies and posters to cheer on our athletes - gotta have them on my side if I'm taking over the TV.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Runde's Room

    1. I'm sure your medal cookies are ScRuPtIoUs!!! Olympics here we come.

  2. This made me cry, but it was for a good reason. This was inspirational!!!


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