TREEmendous Empathy

When I found this emotions tree at Danielle's School Counselor blog, I totally fell in love with it. So I had it posterized to 24x36!  

photo of an Emotions Tree

Joshua and I were coloring the tree when my engineering husband came home from work and asked why those ghosts were in that tree - tee hee! Anyway, it'll hang on one of the doors in my suite so that when kids come to visit with me they've got a frame of reference for their feelings. 
Which one is you today? Tell me more.
It'll also be an tremendous tool for elevating empathy. How is this guy feeling? Have you ever been in a similar situation? What was that experience like for you? What did you do? If not, what do you think you'd do? 
I especially like the ones with their backs to us because then students have to use situational cues and not just feeling faces.

Can you find me as I pack for my Alabama trip?


  1. I used to use this with my nurture group all the time! I really can't remember where I originally got it but it is lovely to be reminded of it.

  2. I sent it to the Copy Dr. in town and they enlarged it . . . you can pick heavy duty paper if you want. Our district has a posterizer but not our campus.


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