Wild Things & A Winner

Happy Monday!

Today I'm happy for Lori because the Gruener Generator (my husband this time) pulled her name out of a paper bag for the Macy's Giftcard Giveaway. Her favorite musical is ..... Grease!
 What fun that we had almost 30 entries; 
I truly wish I had a giftcard for each of you. 

I just LOVE a good mural and this one of Max from 
Where The Wild Things Are 
really brings these storybook characters to life! 
It's in our library, appropriately enough, and it still amazes me just how authentic our muralist was able to make it look! 
And how jazzed was I to see these Circle Maps hanging nearby?

What are your favorite follow-up activities to this classic?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE your way to pick a winner! :)

    I've never done a follow up activity with Where the Wild Things Are, but I do love those circle maps.



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