PPBF: You Are The Best Medicine

Today's Picture Perfect Book Friday Pick perfectly complements October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I think you're gonna fall in love!

Title: You Are The Best Medicine
Author: Julie Aigner Clark
Illustrator: Jana Christy
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishing 
Date: 9-7-2010
Suitable for ages: 4 and up 
Theme: cancer, hope, optimism, courage
Brief synopsis: What can a child do to be the medicine his or her mom needs when she's going through treatments for cancer? This poignant tale offers up ways that children can nurture during tough times.
Opening page: When I tell you I have cancer, I will be sad. I will be sad because I am sick, but I will be happy because it is not a sickness that you can catch from me and so you can still kiss me and hug me and love me. 

Resources:  The book's website {here
Books That Heal Kids blog, including a review about this book and others that target cancer here {here}
You Tube Book Trailer:

Why I like this book: This tough topic is so beautifully handled by an author who herself has survived breast cancer not once, but twice! It offers great depth in that it offers concrete ways that a child can be there for his or her loved one with a cuddle, a smile, optimism and hope. The soothing illustrations add a dimension of comfort and sensitivity. I recently gave a copy to my friend whose daughter is valiantly battling the breast cancer bandit. Even if you don't have a personal connection to someone with cancer, you'll find food for thought woven through the pages of this jewel. Find out from your students what this mom and her daughter want, feel, and need, from one another and from friends and family; it'll undoubtedly open up a great conversation about support, empathy, and love.

Check out this book; it will be a treasured gift. Then link up with Susanna Hill's Picture Perfect Book Friday {here}.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a timely and thoughtful book that will give kids dealing with a sick parent a way to feel empowered by the love they share.

  2. This sounds like such a sweet book. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This books looks wonderful. I just found out a dear friend is battling cancer. I am sure her positive attitude will help her overcome. What a wonderful message to share with young ones.

  4. What a fantastic share for PPBF. I remember Julie Clark from our Baby Einstein days, but I didn't know she was a cancer survivor. Very inspiring!

  5. Barbara, thank you for this recommendation. There are so few picture books out there on this issue, which touches so many mothers, it is great to read of this sensitive book about it.

  6. Thank you for sharing this book. That out of heartache and fear Julie could turn it into such good for others is amazing.

  7. What a lovely book! About a sensitive issue. But one I know all about. My Mom Person says that to me all the time -- "You are the best medicine!" I like the soft artwork in this book. Thanks for sharing this one!

  8. Ooph, that hits me where it hurts. My brother has cancer and two children (11 and 15). Thank you so much for sharing. I just ordered it.

    First in Maine

  9. This is excellent -- and I'm so glad that right at the beginning it tells so lyrically that this is an illness that the child can't catch, so hugs and kisses can still be given, and NEED to be given. Thank you, Barbara!

  10. I checked out the website. It looks like an amazing book and a tear-jerker.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  11. This book has a good message. It must be hard to go through something like this. I think some families will really use this book! :)

  12. Thanks for providing this fantastic resource. I know many women who have struggled with breast cancer and other cancers. I have a friend and mother to three children who has been going through brain cancer treatment for two years. This would be a great book for her family.

  13. Was not familiar with this book. Want to add it to my list as it sounds lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.


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